When Policy Makers Know Their Net

As established at the Know Your Net new top-level domain (TLD) public awareness campaign launch, CADNA is firm believer in the
multistakeholder model of Internet governance. Governing such a complex system, laden with opportunities and challenges, requires diligence and creativity from everyone, including businesses, technology companies, Internet users, and policymakers alike. Know Your Net is our way of contributing to the education and safe navigation of the current, and soon to be rapidly expanding, space.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., for her part, has announced her intent to help businesses, particularly small businesses, protect themselves against cyberattacks. According to Washington Internet Daily (WID), Sen. Gillibrand will introduce legislation that would allow businesses to claim a 30-precent credit for initial investments into new cyberdefenses, with the additional eligibility for a 10 percent credit on the cost of maintaining those systems in later years.

“That’s how we can equip more businesses with the protections they need to keep them secure — so they can focus more on what they make and sell, grow their business and strengthen our economy, and worry less about being attacked online.”

When policymakers can help businesses better protect their trademarks, intellectual property, and consumers, businesses will be in a better position to innovate and create jobs. That’s an all-around win that will help maintain a safe and flourishing Internet.

According to WID, Sen. Gillibrand has also taken steps to address the global nature of cybersecurity; She is sponsoring a bill with Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, that would “create international standards and accountability for the cyber attacks emanating from foreign countries.” 

CADNA is encouraged by Sen. Gillibrand’s understanding of business needs and the particular challenges that the Internet poses for balancing freedom with thoughtful regulation. We will follow the Senator’s work closely as it moves through the legislative process. In the meantime, CADNA continues it’s own efforts, but we cannot succeed without more help.

Congress, make sure you Know Your Net, and that your constituents do as well! An understanding of the issues makes for the fruitful discussions and collaborative solutions that are sorely needed to keep the law apace with the evolution of the

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