What Can You Do?

Know Your Net



…and make sure others know it too.

Understanding the potential harms in the domain name space and how to avoid them is a key component of reducing the impact of cybersquatting.

CADNA has partnered with AARP, the Council of Better Business Bureaus, the National Cyber Security Alliance and businesses of all sizes to help eliminate confusion and reduce harm in the domain name space.

Read about the upcoming changes to the Internet landscape and learn how to stay safe online using our guidelines:

Be an Advocate



…for effective Internet policy. Read our proposed congressional resolution here.

Passage of the 1999 Anticybersquatting Protection Act (ACPA) was a good first step toward deterring cybersquatting. But the Internet has evolved dramatically in the past decade, as have cyber criminals. The law must be updated and strengthened to protect businesses and consumers in a vastly more dangerous environment. Read more about our proposed changes here.

Cybersquatting is an international problem and thus the solution must also be international. CADNA intends to extend its advocacy to other nations once it has succeeded in the U.S.

Contact us about submitting a letter to your government representative.




CADNA is a coalition of major business owners dedicated to combating cybersquatting through education, advocacy, and collaboration with like minded thinkers across the globe. CADNA works to raise public awareness about the impact of cybersquatting and how to combat it and provides a unified voice for brand owners and their customers to strengthen the Anti Cybersquatting Protection Act and develop international solutions in collaboration with ICANN and other nations.

CADNA participates in:

CADNA is also a member of ICANN’s Business Constituency group and regularly holds its own educational events and roundtable forums. Lend your support and join our mailing list to keep informed of CADNA’s activities.