Our Misson



CADNA works on behalf of the public interest to combat cybersquatting and cyber criminals for a safer, more rewarding online experience. Through education, advocacy, and collaboration, we seek a strong and effective national policy to deter online criminals and protect all Internet users.

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Our Goals



The Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse, Inc. (CADNA), a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit corporation founded in 2007, seeks to make the Internet a safer and less confusing place for consumers and businesses alike. Its goal is to decrease instances of cybersquatting in all its forms by facilitating dialogue, effecting change, and spurring action on the part of policymakers in the national and international arenas.

Led by Joshua S. Bourne, President, CADNA is dedicated to building awareness about and advocating action to stop illegal and unethical infringement of brands/trademarks online. Taking action against the practices of cybersquatting, CADNA provides a framework for brand owners to protect themselves—as well as their investors, customers and partners—from illegal trademark infringement. CADNA works to reduce online infringement across all top-level domains (TLDs).

The Coalition also holds educational forums, where leading brand owners gather to confront the challenges of cybercrime and to learn about best practices and strategies to combat it.

CADNA has held 15 events in 10 cities across the globe, featuring such speakers as Representative Bob Goodlatte, Representative Tom Marino, and Senator Bob Dole; Utah State Senator Stephen Urquhart; law enforcement specialists; and brand owners across a spectrum of industries whose common goal is to protect the overall integrity of the Internet for brand owners and consumers.


Through education and advocacy, CADNA works with U.S. federal and state legislatures to update appropriate laws and increase deterrents against cybersquatting, a practice that enables malware, phishing schemes, counterfeit sales, and confusion. Read about our proposed U.S. federal legislative reform here.

CADNA works to:

  • Increase penalties for cybersquatting and cybercrime to deter these practices
  • Educate elected officials about domain-related policy reform that will improve consumer safety
  • Make the monitoring and enforcement of online infringements more manageable for trademark owners so they can better protect consumers in a timely manner


Cybersquatting and cybercrime are international problems that can only be reduced through a coordinated, international effort. CADNA works with international policy makers to move towards a global solution for cybersecurity.


ICANN “defines policies for how the ‘names and numbers’ of the Internet should run” through a “bottom-up, consensus-driven, multi-stakeholder model”. CADNA supports ICANN’s multistakeholder approach to policy development and participates in the process through ICANN’s Business Constituency.

CADNA works to:

  • Implement policies within ICANN that discourage registrants and others who enable domain abuses.


Our Members



CADNA member organizations represent a cross-section of global brand leaders that recognize the critical important of protecting brands and Internet users from cybersquatting.