CADNA Refutes Erroneous Story Posted to

Washington – The Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse (CADNA) Wednesday refuted multiple errors contained in a blog post on website.

On October 15, TheDomains posted a blog about a CADNA event that took place on September 18, without noting the time lapse. The post carried an erroneous headline attributing statements to CADNA that were in fact the statements of a Member of Congress
who spoke at the September 18 event.

Furthermore, TheDomains cited a CADNA press release as the source of the Congressman’s statements. However, there is no such press release quoting the Congressman. The hyperlink in the blog post to the alleged press release instead links to a story written by Washington Internet Daily that was published on September 19, the day after the CADNA event.

“CADNA regrets the errors in a story in TheDomains, which misattributed a statement about the gTLD program,” said CADNA Director of Communications and Marketing Yvette Miller. “In the Internet age, errors of this sort travel fast and endure and can cause damage to the reputations of individuals and organizations. CADNA urges TheDomains to correct its story.”