CADNA Supports Delay in gTLD Expansion and Favors an Independent Review

WASHINGTON, November 4, 2009– The Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse (CADNA) is pleased to see that the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has paused its push for the release of new generic top level domains (gTLDs). ICANN’s decision falls in line with CADNA’s long-standing position that ICANN needs to pause and thoroughly evaluate the implications of introducing a potentially unlimited number of new gTLDs.

“This appears to be an important first step for a more orderly and measured approach to considering the launch of new gTLDs, one that we at CADNA have been advocating,” said CADNA President Josh Bourne. “Thus far, ICANN has veered away from its mission and has not taken adequate measures to ensure the safety and stability of the Internet with its proposed rollout policy. Instead, the focus has been on a process that would mainly benefit ICANN and domain name companies at the expense of businesses and consumers using the Internet.”

ICANN’s lack of transparency and independence, coupled with its alignment with those who are financially dependent on the sale of domain name registrations, has caused it to overlook important aspects of the gTLD rollout. Perhaps ICANN can now take the time to follow CADNA’s recommendations and perform sound cost/benefit and security and risk analyses. These analyses will identify the potential risks to Internet users; address any issues associated with the new gTLDs; and provide a more accurate measure of the desirability and practicality of new gTLDs in the first place. Based on ICANN’s track record, however, CADNA is skeptical of ICANN’s ability to objectively review its policies and therefore reiterates the need to create a commission designed to independently review ICANN’s structure, governance, and oversight mechanisms.

It is CADNA’s hope that the gTLD delay will also allow ICANN to take the time to examine and address other areas of concern that we recently highlighted in our “Top Ten List” of things that are wrong with ICANN.

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