Stepping Up

At a time when brands are carrying the heaviest burden of policing the domain name space, it’s encouraging to see a registry step up in a big way.

According to DomainIncite, Afilias has committed “to fight the growing scourges of spam, phishing and other Internet problems” in its .INFO gTLD by “working with its registrar partners to take down any and all sales that violate the policy, regardless of sales impact.”

Afilias has set a great example for all registries that want to operate in an open, ethical fashion. We believe Internet users and good-actor registrants will reward these registries with their trust and traffic.

In the current domain name space, brands largely go at it alone: trying to stay ahead of cybersquatters by defensively registering domain names and pursuing bad actors through law enforcement in what seems like an endless game of whack-a-mole.

If all registries agree to the best practice of Afilias’ .INFO, the environment would change dramatically. Cybersquatters would have more people to run from and fewer places to hide. And that is good news for brands and their consumers. 

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