The holiday may not inspire parades and raucous partying across cities in the U.S., but it does celebrate and honor a principle of democracy and capitalism on which production, innovation and creativity relies. 

IP Attorney and UDRP expert Steve Levy explains

As social media, news sites, and now new top-level domains are demonstrating, intellectual property plays a central and growing role in the everyday life of most businesses and customers.  This will hopefully lead to a better appreciation of its value and a greater respect for those who work so hard to create new images, stories, songs, videos, inventions, and the brands that have become household names.

For CADNA and its members, the day’s significance is heightened by the impending launch of new gTLDs – cyber frontiers that have the potential to spawn unimaginable innovation … and be fertile ground for cybersquatters, too. We are hopeful, however, that legislators, community stakeholders and other interested parties will successfully implement policies to both protect brands and SMBs in the new gTLDs as well as deter bad-actors seeking to harm these companies and consumers in general. 

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