New Executive Order Designed to Protect Intellectual Property

In a recent Executive Order, President Obama established two intellectual property enforcement advisory committees in order to boost the federal government’s commitment to IP enforcement.  This action is part of the government’s larger effort to create jobs and strengthen the economy.  The federal government hopes to foster innovation by developing and enforcing better IP laws.

The first committee will be the Cabinet-level Senior Intellectual Property Enforcement Advisory Committee, which will be comprised of the heads of the departments responsible for IP enforcement – the Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, Commerce, and others.  The second committee will consist of representatives from the agencies that are responsible for designing and implementing the Administration’s strategy for stopping IP theft.

This is encouraging news for IP rights holders here in the U.S., including trademark owners.  Having the Executive branch of the government strongly committed to IP enforcement will hopefully be a valuable asset as we continue to push for legislation to protect IP rights in the domain name space and encourage congressional action to address IP issues online.

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