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The Dot-Vote Crusade to Defend Politicians from Cybersquatters 
January 24, 2106




How Could Have Been Saved from
(The Atlantic)
December 12, 2015

Hirshhorn Director Melissa Chiu’s Web Site Woes
(The Washington Post)
October 14, 2015

Fake Twitter Story Fuels Worries with New Web Addresses
(National Journal)
July 5, 2015

Bogus Hillary Clinton Website Highlights Online Perils for 2016 Candidates
April 2, 2105

Jeb Bush’s Domain Name Drama
(ABC News)
February 10, 2015


Cyber Safety on Cyber Monday
(Huffington Post)
November 27, 2013

ICANN Announces New gTLDs as Brands Battle for Naming Rights
OCTOBER 24, 2013

CADNA Responds to “SOPA for Trademarks” Concerns
(World Trademark Review)
OCTOBER 1, 2013

Congress Should Address Cybersquatting Issues in New gTLD Program, Business Groups Say
(Washington Internet Daily)
SEPTEMBER 19, 2013

House Lawmaker Examining New Domains, Expects at Least One Hearing on Protections
(Bloomberg BNA)
SEPTEMBER 18, 2013

International – Efforts to Heighten Public Awareness of gTLDs Gear Up
(World Trademark Review)
SEPTEMBER 16, 2013

CADNA Wants ACPA Amended to Increase Penalties & Cover PPC Providers & Parking Companies
(The Domains)
APRIL 11, 2013





Pressure Mounts on ICANN to Tighten Trademark Protection in New Domains Landscape
(The New Legal Review)
OCTOBER 2, 2012

Presidential Campaigns Buy up Domain Names for ‘Microsites’
(USA Today)
JULY 3, 2012

Commerce Department Keeps Icann As Web’s Address Manager
JUNE 30, 2012

Letter to the Editor: Steps to protect consumers in cyberspace
(The Washington Post)
MAY 31, 2012

(The Economist)
MAY 30, 2012

NTIA Supports New Domains – Phased In, With Protection
(Intellectual Property Watch)
May 5, 2012

Are More Domain Names Better for the Internet?
JANUARY 5, 2012

Web-Name Fight Shows Limits to U.S. Power Over Internet Guardian
JANUARY 5, 2012





ICANN Chairman Sees Little Value in Delaying New Domain-Name Program
(National Journal)
DECEMBER 15, 2011

ICANN on the Hill: House Committee Echoes Anti-gTLD Chorus
DECEMBER 14, 2011

ICANN Urged in Senate Hearings to Slow Down Internet Domain Name Expansion
NOVEMBER 21, 2011

CADNA Asks for New gTLDs Second Round
(Domain Incite)
NOVEMBER 2, 2011

As Dotbrand URLs Loom, ICANN Faces gTLD Backlash
OCTOBER 20, 2011

What’s At Stake Conference Bans New gTLD Consultants
(Domain Incite)
OCTOBER 19, 2011

ICANN and the Coming Flood of Domain Names
(ZD Net)

Are You Ready For One of the Biggest Changes on the Internet in a Decade?
(Advertising Age)
AUGUST 28, 2011

Internet Overseer Accused of Bias Ahead of Web Suffix Overhaul
(Fox Business)
AUGUST 11, 2011

Money Grab on the Right Side of the Dot
(CFO Magazine)
JUNE 20, 2011

Facing the Challenges of the New ICANN gTLD Program – I&T Talks with New York Life’s Ken Hittel
(InformationWeek Insurance & Technology)
JUNE 20, 2011

Internet Moves Beyond Dot-Com With Approval for ‘.Anything’ Domain Names
JUNE 20, 2011

An Explosion in Universe of Web Names
(The New York Times)
MARCH 31, 2011

Internet Outgrown Dot Com?
MARCH 17, 2011

Who Runs the Internet?
MARCH 1, 2011

Obama administration joins critics of U.S. nonprofit group that oversees Internet
(The Washington Post)
FEBRUARY 12, 2011





Clicking, Landing at
(New York Times)
JUNE 10, 2010

Are Typosquatters Hijacking Your Brand?
(Advertising Age)
JUNE 2, 2010

Consumers say it would be easier to find sites with domains like .YourBrandHere
(Internet Retailer)
JUNE 1, 2010





ICANN is broken: they think they have fixed it
(TG Daily)

Changes Loom for Internet’s Key Holder
(The Sydney Morning Herald)
SEPTEMBER 23, 2009

US Lawmakers Question ICANN GTLD Plan
(PC World)
JULY 13, 2009

New Chief Defends U.S. Base for Agency That Manages Web
(New York Times)
JUNE 8, 2009

New Web Address Endings Could Be Start of Turf Wars
(USA Today)
MARCH 9, 2009





Verizon Fights Cybersquatters, Wins $33 Million
(Top Tech News)
DECEMBER 29, 2008
Victory for Enterprises in Typosquatting Case
(SC Magazine)
DECEMBER 29, 2008





Josh Bourne on Traverse Legal’s VTalk Radio Program
(Cybersquatting Lawyers)
NOVEMBER 19, 2007

McAfee: Typo-squatters cashing in on website misspellings
(SC Magazine)
AUGUST 15, 2007